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Non-Partisan Facts:
- The U.S. Constitution is founded on the values and principles of Justice & Liberty.
- The statue at the traditional entry point for immigrants into the U.S.A. shares it's name with one of these founding principles and is seen as a global symbol of freedom.
- The U.S. Constitution was created to give every US citizen the rights of Liberty & Freedom, and to allow US citizens the right to form government to govern the people while being accountable to the people.
- The U.S.A. allows Congress who are not democratically elected into power by the citizens of The District of Columbia to control the Citizens of The District of Columbia.
- 610,000+ people live in the District of Columbia!
- The D.C. Mayor & Council were arrested last year by federally controlled police for speaking out against federal involvement in local taxes.
- Under International Human Rights law, the U.N. and O.A.S. have called upon the U.S.A. to change its legislation to provide equality to the U.S. citizens of D.C.
- The U.S.A. can only be effective at fighting global atrocities, if the USA is seen as a leader of democracy, freedom and liberty.
- The U.S. is constantly rebutted when trying to condemn Human Rights violations globally, partly because it denies the citizens of it’s capital democracy.
- D.C. pays the highest federal taxes per capita in the U.S.A., equal to the next two highest, Delaware and Connecticut combined.
- The troops of The District of Columbia who fight for democracy, freedom, and liberty around the world are denied democracy, freedom, and liberty here at home where they live in our Nations Capital.
- Outside of the U.S.A., no other free and democratic country denies the citizens of its capital democracy and liberty.
- No other federal district in the country encloses residential property.
- The US constitution allows provision for amendments to be made to it.
- The US constitution allows provision for a reduction in the size of the federal district of the capital.
- The two most recent additions to the Union of the United States are Alaska & Hawaii.
- Prior to their admittance to the Union of The United States of America the common consensus was that Alaska would be a state of Democrats, and that Hawaii would be a Republican state.
- The U.S. Constitution does not give an upper limit for the number of States that may be admitted to the Union.
- Denying the admission of a US colony or territory based on politically motivated reasons is unconstitutional.
- Denying 600,000 US citizens democracy and liberty is unconstitutional.
- As an interesting point raised by University of Michigan professor, Mark Perry, - Based on recent data from the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), the per capita output of Washington D.C. far outstrips all of the 50 US states and all European countries in terms of GDP adjusted for purchasing power parity (PPP) with Washington D.C. standing at $168,327 compared to the highest U.S. state, Alaska, at $70,814 and the highest European country, Luxembourg, at $81,383.